Welcome to Connie Mazzella's  ~ Art Glass Magic ~

I AM an artist who creates images in art glass.  Beautiful images, created in glass, guided by spirit -
My Passion: Art Glass Magic.

Inspirations for my unique, spiritually-based art glass stem from various religions, philosophies, cultures
and from my core belief in The Truth is ONE, The Paths are Many. With the client in mind, images are revealed in dreams, meditations, visualizations, journeys, and life experiences. I then work on recreating the feeling and light with various types of glass and color, through the most suitable techniques for each piece. Each technique brings a different element to the final piece. Creating with light offers me great joy in creating inspirational pieces that embody the client’s visions for their homes, work spaces, altars, and meditation rooms.

I look forward to discussing the possibilities with you! Call me today!
Blessings to All.

Please visit Connie's Portfolio pages


Fused Glass

Sandblasted Glass

Stained Glass Windows





































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