Art Glass Techniques ...

Each glass technique brings a different element to the final piece. Creating with light offers me great joy in creating inspirational pieces that embody the client’s visions for their homes, work spaces, altars, and meditation rooms.

Fused Glass –  is a ‘warm’ glass technique, fusing/permanently adhering pieces of cut compatible glass together in a kiln.  Compatible glass melts at the same temperature. Temperatures can range from 1300 degrees to 1900 degrees, depending on the amount of ‘relief’ desired in the final outcome.  Some pieces need to be fired numerous times to create the various layers & effects and each firing  must be annealed/cooled down properly to prevent thermal shock.  Since glass is actually a liquid, ‘surprises’ can occur within each firing – some welcome, some not.  Fusing is a wonderfully useful technique, since complex designs can be created and lead lines eliminated.

Sandblasting - a time intensive technique that can offer great detail, individuality and depth to an art piece.  A strong plastic resist is attached to the glass.  Each individual line is handcut with a fine blade, then pulled & blasted by order of the various depths necessary within the design.  There's endless glass possibilities to blast:  windows, doors, partitions, lamps, wall pieces...;  in plate glass & mirror, stained glass, flash glass, fused, crystal ...; and as elements within stained glass pieces. 

Stained Glass - a traditional technique using either copper foil or lead came. I’ve reached a point where I enjoy combining fused and sandblasted elements to enhance the effects of the final stained glass piece.  The merging of these techniques allows the imagination more freedom of expression and the possibilities are endless.

Mosaicsan amazing vehicle for individual expression, since so many different types of glass, mirrors, tiles, and other items can be used together in traditional and utilitarian ways, and also as total whimsical flights of fancy and creativity.

Fused Glass Jewelry - I create a line of fused glass jewelry with touches of dichroic glass. Its special effects offer me the ‘glitz’ that I love. Dichroic glass  is created by multiple ultra-thin layers of different metals, metal oxides, and silica, vaporized by an electron beam in a vacuum chamber to give the glass its optical properties – causing the colors to shift, depending on the angle of view.

Dichroic glass jewelry, fused and sandblasted art glass pieces make amazing, unique holiday gifts.



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